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Iggy by Enderninja101 Iggy :iconenderninja101:Enderninja101 1 0 HOW DID I DRAW THIS?! (also minor OC Introduction) by Enderninja101 HOW DID I DRAW THIS?! (also minor OC Introduction) :iconenderninja101:Enderninja101 1 0 And now for something completely different... by Enderninja101 And now for something completely different... :iconenderninja101:Enderninja101 4 3 That's no Ordinary Rabbit! by Enderninja101 That's no Ordinary Rabbit! :iconenderninja101:Enderninja101 0 0
Nightshade's Cosplay Fun Part 2
“And…done!” Said Nightshade as she pulled off the wrist-shackles on Tsubasa, who was still transformed into Simon Blackquill from the Phoenix Wright series, “I think the manual override I did to the costume should keep those things from coming back.” Tsubasa rubbed his wrists, “Thank goodness! Those things were getting kinda painful…but if you could do that the entire time, couldn’t you have changed me back to normal?” asked Tsubasa. Night glanced at him, “Unfortunately I can’t, I haven’t been able to fix that flaw in the costumes yet, so you’ll just have to wait until it wears off,” replied Night, “on a side note, reprogramming the costume without the shackles reset the costume’s ‘timer’ so you’ll be stuck like that a little longer.” Tsubasa glared at Night, “OH COME ON!” shouted Tsubasa, “I don’t want to be stuck like this
:iconenderninja101:Enderninja101 0 0
Tundra by Enderninja101 Tundra :iconenderninja101:Enderninja101 3 2
Nightshade's Cosplay Fun Part 1
Part 1: Silence in Golden
“Okay, they’re almost ready for testing…”said Nightshade while holding up a box various cosplay items. She had been working for several days straight on cosplay outfits and props that can turn people into the character they’re dressed as, so far all she had finished was the first costume line, Phoenix Wright characters.
As she carried the box to her workstation, her robot creation, Tsubasa, walked into the room blasting loud music. “ACK!” Night yelped in alarm due to the sudden loud noise and almost dropped the box. “Tsubasa! How many times have I told you not to blast your music so loud?! You know my hearing is really sensitive!” Tsubasa turned off his music and looked at Night, “Sorry ‘bout that… I couldn’t help it, you know I love this song!” replied Tsubasa. “Anyway, I also came in here to check on you, you haven’t left the lab in days! What have you been so bus
:iconenderninja101:Enderninja101 0 0
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If you haven't read part 6 of Jojo or only watch the anime, WRRRRRYD the manga before proceeding

Ok, so I'm currently almost done with Part 6 of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, and I noticed several things Jotaro should have AND COULD HAVE done to stop Pucci from completing his goal to reach heaven...
First of all, Jotaro should have asked for Giorno's help in tracking down Pucci since DIO's kids were drawn to Pucci, I would have let this slide if Araki hadn't hinted that Giorno was in Florida during the "Sky High" chapters. But let's just say Jotaro couldn't get in contact with Giorno or didn't think he'd be in Florida, he could have sent some agents from the Speedwagon Foundation to go get him! Alternatively, Jotaro could have called JOSUKE for help, Josuke would have been a great help and he could have brought his friends and considering how many of his friends have powerful Stands (especially Okuyasu's stand The Hand), Pucci might not have killed LITERALLY EVERYONE EXCEPT EMPORIO, as a side note, Rohan is mentioned at some point as being the only mangaka still able to meet his deadlines so he must have been slightly aware about the fact that time was accelerating, wow, even I write this, I'm realizing what else Jotaro could have done, because since he didn't call Josuke, he couldn't have brought Rohan who could have used his Stand, Heaven's Door, to make Pucci unable to use his Stand or something! As a side note, if Giorno was there, he could have just used Gold Experience Requiem to fix everything, that's how OP it is....I can forgive the fact that Jotaro was out of commission for most of the story, but he had every opportunity to call for backup once he had recovered but instead just booked it to Florida (he could have at least had a SPW agent call Giorno or Josuke while he was heading to Florida).....GREAT WORK JOTARO....

*sigh* WELP, I got that out of my system....

~Stay Stealthy!
-Enderninja Enderman icon Hayabusa Emoticon Ver. 2 
Daily update:
I'm almost done with Part 6 of Jojo.....EVERYTHING IS GONG CRAZY
Daily update: 
I decided to finish reading Part 6 of god, the Heavy Weather chapters are LONG!!!! Also, I'm pretty sure those chapters would give people Uzumaki flashbacks....because snails....:iconsnaillaplz: 
Daily update:
Just came up with a weird idea for some drawings....the only problem is getting them to paper....
Daily update:
I'm drawing Speedwagon S W I F T  K A R T  while listening to an REO Speedwagon CD.....and while wearing a top hat....I think Speedwagon has taken over my life....

Enderninja withdraws coolly.....Smoky Disappearance 


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United States
I draw stuff, that's all.....

Well, now I also write stories, I'm trying to branch out a bit...

My 3ds Friend code: 3754-7918-0221 (My Mii name is Nightshade. BTW, if you add me, tell me your code so I can add you to)

Other places to find/add me:
-Steam: Enderninja101 (the profile pic is the same as my Deviantart one)

Also, I don't post very frequently but when I do I try to upload at least one or two drawings at a time. (stories on the other hand take longer to make)
I've decided I'm going to start taking requests soon but if you want to request, you need to do the following:

Submitting requests in general:
1. I only open for request in my update posts, and I only allow 3 at a time. It's first come, first served.
2. Please don't spam
3. Be patient, if I accepted your request, it's coming, it just takes some time to write.
4. Don't expect perfection, I'm not a professional, I do this for fun.
5. Once the request window closes, don't beg if you didn't get picked, I might consider picking one more.

For Night's Cosplay TF stories:
1. I try to keep my stories PG or PG-13, so no super inappropriate stuff.
2. If you want one of your O.C's TF'd, please provide a character reference sheet if possible, if you can't, describe your O.C as best as you can. (and try to include their bio so I know what their personality is like)
3. If you want a specific scenario, let me know so I can try to work it into the story.
5. You can have up 2 two characters TF'd at a time, I can't do more than that.
6. Night is most likely gonna troll your character, so be prepared for a lot of randomness....

For Art requests:
1. Like I said with the TF stories, I try to keep my work PG or PG-13, so no nudity
2. If you want me to draw an O.C. a reference sheet is required so I know what I'm doing (otherwise I'm drawing blindly)
3. If you really can't provide a reference sheet, please be as descriptive as possible
4. If you want me to draw a character from an existing anime/game/cartoon/comic etc... please try to avoid obscure ones and provide a reference if possible.
5. Remember, I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL, so the poses I can draw are very limited and human hands are a bit difficult for me to draw...
7.Please don't have me draw anything too intricate and detailed, it takes way to long...
9. Like the TF stories, these might take awhile...
10. I can draw up to 3 characters depending on the level of detail, but unfortunately, more characters can lead to a sloppier result, so if you're considering multiples in one drawing, choose wisely....


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